1. How Do I order?
Simply go to our website, and order online or call us at 410-772-1072. Online Orders May be Placed at any time.

To order online, simply follow these steps.
1) On the home screen, select the date, time, delivery area, and the order type (Delivery, Catering or Carryout) and click "Browse Menu or Place Order".
2) Select your delivery City and Zip code from the drop down menu and click Submit.
3) Select your Restaurant from the city page by clicking on the restaurant's name or their logo.
4) Select the Items you wish to Purchase.
5) Complete your order by filling in the checkout screen.*

*If you have ordered using the same computer, your information will probably already be filled in. Simply review the information to make sure that the delivery address, phone # to contact you and the payment method is correct and submit.

Ordering By Phone
One of our customer service representatives can assist you with your phone order. Phone Orders May be Placed Monday-Wednesday 9am-5:30pm, Thursday-Friday 9am to 9:30pm, Saturday 2pm-9:30pm, and Sunday: Closed

2. When do you Deliver? will deliver according to the following schedule:

Monday-Wednesday 11am-6:30pm
Thursday-Friday 11am-10:30pm
Saturday 3pm-10:30pm *
Sunday Closed
*Baltimore County delivery begins at 5pm Saturday and Sunday.

3. Can I place an order for Carry-out rather than delivery?
Yes! You may place an online order for Carry-out from many of our restaurants. After choosing your restaurant, simply select the Carry-out option and your desired pick-up time. (Please allow 30 minutes for restaurant preparation time.) Great for when you want to pick up a meal on the way home from work! Payment for Carry-out orders will be collected by the restaurant upon pick up. Orders cannot be cancelled once they are placed with the restaurant as they begin preparing your order within minutes.

4. How is the Order confirmed?
After placing orders online, please check for a confirmation e-mail. We confirm all first time online orders by phone. Further, be sure to give CarryoutMenu the phone number where we can reach you as we may need to contact you about your order. The order may have special preparation instructions that are unclear, or the restaurant may run out of certain items. Please be available to answer the phone a few minutes after submitting your order. The order cannot be cancelled if we have placed the order with the restaurant.

5. How long does delivery take?
Orders generally arrive within an hour. Restaurant preparation, rush hour traffic, weather, and order size may affect delivery times. We cannot guarantee exact order times. A customer service representative will call if there is a delay or problem with the order.

6. How much should I tip?
Much like a waiter, drivers earn the majority of their earnings through tips. Drivers work very hard to see that your order is correct & is delivered to you in a timely manner. The standard gratuity is 15% to 20%. 100% of your tip goes to your driver.

7. Why is there a delivery charge?
Other delivery services charge as much as $9.99 and then raise the restaurant prices by 20% or more. Carryout Menu only charges the prices given by the restaurant and a low $4.99 to $5.99 for delivery. We offer one of the most affordable, high quality multi-restaurant delivery services in the country.

8. Can I cancel my order?
Once the order is received and confirmed with the restaurant we cannot cancel the order. Your order is automatically sent to the restaurant electronically and preparation typically begins within minutes.

9. Do you deliver to my area?
For quality of service reasons, delivery areas are limited to ensure your meal is delivered hot and fresh. Go to and select your delivery area to see what restaurants are available to you. Large catering orders placed in advance may be delivered outside our standard range. Carryout Menu utilizes best of industry catering packaging techniques to bring your food out to you hot and fresh.

10. How do I pay?
Customers may pay with either cash or credit. All of the Carryout Menu prices already reflect a 3.5% cash discount. Businesses may fill out the Carryout Menu Commercial Account Application in order to establish corporate accounts. See the Corporate Account Tab on for access to the Corporate Account Application.
***For Carry-out orders, payment is collected by the restaurant at the time of pick up.

11. What is the "convenience fee"?
You are welcome to pay by methods other than cash, however the cost in processing these non-cash transactions require us to charge a fee of 3.5% on all of our orders except those paid in cash. Our prices reflect a 3.5% cash discount. This is not a credit card fee but a convenience fee. Carryout Menu feels this is a better alternative than charging the fee on all orders. This fee is added into the delivery charge on your receipt.

12. Why does my online Bank Statement show a different total or that I have not been refunded yet?
As long as a Carryout Menu representative has stated they have refunded your transaction and has given you a transaction id, rest assured your refund/adjusted total was taken care of. Your refund will show up when your bank or Credit Card Company issues and credits/debits your account. This may take a couple of days depending on the financial institution and the type of account.


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